Launched two years ago, the Slimphony consistently ranks top amongst direct response and TV shopping.

The Slimphony line comprises a variety of trendy fashionable product – including shape-wear jeans, fashionable top and bottom and etc. – all designed to create a slim, flattering figure while maintaining comfort, quality and style.

Soft, lightweight and built for comfort, the Slimphony instantly makes women look 5-10 kg thinner, eliminating the look of cellulite and visible lines.

To further establish the fact that we are no new player in the fashion industry, our founder has experience in design for at least 14 years. At the year 2012, we have begun to design our identity products to cater for all types of people. The clothing line we provide with a sole purpose of not only to aid people in looking and feel good but also to be the appropriate attire to look slim.

Ever since, we’ve been working closely with worldwide retail around the world, and always been promoting and publishing our products via the different channel.  Till this date, we have dedicated ourselves to achieve our goal in continuously providing the fashion world with more illustrious fashionable products that help people look and feel great.